Disable Google Home Call Alerts

Google Home devices are a whole new level of technology. It lets you control your home remotely. This feature is also a way to keep your home more secure by turning off the call alerts. Rather than missing the call, you can turn off the smart home call alert.

How Does Google Home Call Alerts Work

When you use a Google Home device, you receive alerts on speakers of any call you receive on your mobile phone. The speakers start ringing with a ringtone, and the Smart Tv displays the information about the caller.

You can turn these notifications off if you are not at home to prevent missing calls. This new update turns off the Google home call alert feature as soon as you step out of your home. This feature can turn off the alert ringtone through which no one can listen to calls coming on your mobile phone.

How To Disable Google Home Call Alerts

Turn on the Google Home application, and go to the settings of the application. Select the voice and video call option, click on device call settings, and then go to its setup. It will enable a feature that Google Home would not play the incoming call alerts every time you leave your home.

Consider Before Disabling

Google home tracks the owner in-home through its smartphone. There is also a feature that identifies where you are right now and is it suitable to call right now or not. It has enabled more strict privacy options, and Google decides that if you are driving, or at a meeting or somewhere important, Google will automatically stop incoming call alerts.

Google Home 2.36, an updated version, has come up with disabling the call notifications when you are not at home. Google home tracks locations and decides if the place is appropriate for you to get call alerts and then give alerts.

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